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The farm pond

  We often are asked how deep our pond is and what type of fish it holds.  We took a canoe out on it one evening in hopes of measuring the depth.  Between two small children and a dog who wanted to swim beside the boat, the measuring was not 100% successful.  We know it is at least ten…

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Poultry Princess

Meet the Poultry Princess.  She loves the birds!   At any given time she may be holding a turkey, duck, or chicken.   She squills in delight when she finds a new egg in the hen coop. The more eggs, the louder she celebrates.  She taught me how to not be afraid when letting the hens eat out of your hand.  She’ll even collect…

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Third Thursday

A couple of weeks ago we set up shop at Joplin’s Third Thursday in order to sell some pork.  It was originally supposed to be our Farmer’s Market debut, but they postponed the opening of the market so we were the only farmers there.  For those of you not familiar with Third Thursday, the city of Joplin closes off…

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