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Should I get chickens?

Here are the common questions I hear when friends ask about raising their own chickens. Q:  How much work is it? A:  Chickens are low maintenance.  We let them out of their coop every morning by opening the door.  Easy.  We sprinkle some grain on the ground for them in the mornings and evenings.  Easy.  We shut the coop…

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Making piglets

We’ve owned our boar, Abraham, and our gilts (girl pigs), Maggie and Gabby, for months now.  They have been too young to breed so we’ve kept them separate and abstinent until this weekend.  Which meant we needed to move a large boar through two pens, through a pasture, into a barn, and through a gate in order to make acquaintance…

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Fodder-One way to spoil your livestock in the winter

Fodder is a fancy way of saying food for livestock.  Since we are in the middle of winter and there is no grass growing, we are growing some fodder inside our house.  Strangely, hubby thinks this is a fun hobby.  He has some shelving set up with a few containers.  He starts by putting grain, like wheat or barley, in…

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