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Rooster Noodle Soup

Remember that sneaky rooster?  The one who hid his boy characteristics until after we processed the last batch of roosters?  One day, the sneaky rooster ran into the back of my leg.  It didn’t hurt, but it was the first time he tried to show his dominance.  A few weeks went by and sure enough, the rooster ran into hubby’s…

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GOS Pigs on Pasture

Our heritage breed pigs (Gloucestershire Old Spots or GOS) are meant to have time on the pasture.  We use electric netting to rotate them into new pasture every so often so they can continue to root and graze.  Opening up new pasture is like sending your kids to the ice cream bar!  It is fun to watch.  I swear,…

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Who had the last quack now?

Baby ducklings are so cute.   As they were growing we decided we’d let those cute birds waddle around as pets.  We wouldn’t eat those cute ducks.  They were just too cute.  Then, one day, we noticed they were beating up our laying hens.  We kept chasing the ducks away, but they kept beating up on the chickens.  A couple of…

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