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June Garden Status

We started growing veggies every summer about five years ago.  We started with square foot gardening and have modified our approach every year.  This year’s garden is the largest by far.  Our ultimate goal is to grow enough food to provide all the veggies we would need for several months.  It is a lofty goal and it won’t happen this year, but…

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Milking goats

We have some farmer friends, the Beans, who own a small herd of dairy goats.  When our friends took a few days away from their farm we were happy to farm sit.  We have fed their goats in the past, but this was the first time the goats were in milk.  Doesn’t goat’s milk sound weird?  Cow’s milk is…

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Don’t mess with a mama’s instinct

Gabby had her first litter of GOS piglets and it was an adventure.  We patiently watched as she showed the signs of pre-farrowing.  We didn’t have an exact due date on her but we had a rough idea.  Once milk was literally dripping out of her teats we knew she was close to delivery.  It happened that our toddler…

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