5 days in, 4 chicks down

The chicks have been home for 5 days.

The first night, we lost two.  The second night, we lost another one.  Thankfully, these were under the 48 hour live guarantee so we got a refund.  The third day we found another dead chick.  I’ve now developed a fear of walking over to the brooder because it is no fun to come across a dead baby chick.


My one year old woke me up at 1 AM the fourth night and I knew I had to come check on the chicks.  I didn’t want to check, but I made myself turn on the light and look.  I looked in and saw a pile of chicks.  Literally piled up in a heap.  Ugh.  The heating device covers them most of the time and all I could see were about 5 chicks.  I figured I better pick it up and see the rest of them dead too.  When I unlatched the hutch to get into the chicks the dead ones woke up!  One by one they woke up, chirping!  So dead chicks look just like sleeping chicks.   So our remaining 11 chicks were all alive.  They all got up, ate a snack, got a drink, then snuggled under the heater.  Phew!

Day 4 is the first day I could see feathers sprouting from their wings!  They are growing quickly.

This one fanned her feathers for the camera!

This one fanned her feathers for the camera!



We are glad to have 11 of the original 15 alive, but trust me…I’m not putting all my eggs in one basket at this point.  We’ve followed all the recommendations, guidelines, and advice on the subject and can’t figure out why we have lost so many.  Stay alive, chickies!!!