Baby chicks have been ordered!

I ordered my first batch of baby chicks!  I chose dual purpose breeds, which means they are good egg layers and can also be used for meat.  I ordered females to start.  We may add a rooster later.  I’ve read sexing baby chicks is tricky so I won’t be surprised if we get a rooster after all!

I chose Barred Rocks, Easter Eggers, and Rhode Island Reds.  The minimum order is 15 during the winter. This is so they keep each other warm on the trip.  I’m sure our mail lady will enjoy that delivery day!   I don’t really need 15 but figure I can either sell a few or raise them for meat (which only takes eight weeks).  I tried to split the order with friends but we decided it was too complicated as far as figuring out which chicks belonged to whom.  The chicks are scheduled to arrive the first week of January. Baby chicks take about 5 months to mature into egg layers so I wanted to order my chicks sooner rather than later.  I can almost taste farm fresh eggs right now!