Because two cows weren’t enough


Craig’s list is a dangerous website.   Why?  Because you find things you never knew you (didn’t) need.  Then you want to buy them.  Pigs, bottle calves, tractor, horses, farm truck; we’ve purchased all these things on Craig’s list (and more).

Hubby found these 5 cows listed at a great price.  So here we are with 7 cows total!  We will have plenty of beef for sale come fall.

These steers (males that have been castrated) are much bigger than our bottle fed calves.


They are very docile.  They come right up to you.

These two butted heads as a way of determining who the top cow will be.


They seem to be enjoying the green grass.


We plan to give them just a bit of grain each day in order to continue daily contact so they remain docile and friendly.  Plus, a little grain adds a little fat to the meat which adds flavor.  It will be fun to watch these guys grazing and growing all spring and summer.  Hopefuly by fall we’ll have some beef for our family and beef to sell.  If you are interested in purchasing half a cow, please let us know and we’ll reserve one for you.  Otherwise, we will be selling individual cuts of meat.