Beef for Sale

Hubby measuring the cows.

Hubby measuring the cows.

Our cows are getting bigger every day.  We measured one today and according to the formula, he weighs close to 800 pounds!  We will start taking the cows to the butcher at the end of October/early November.  Here is how it will work.

We will sell the cows by halves at $3.25/lb, based on hanging weight.  The average hanging weight of half a cow is 175-200 pounds.  You pay the processing fee.  Our butcher charges 53 cents per pound and a kill fee of $45.  We can deliver it to your butcher of choice.

For example, you order half a cow.  We take the cow to the butcher.  The next day it is slaughtered and they will be able to tell us hanging weight.  Let’s say it weighs 170 lb for half a cow.  You pay us 3.25 x 170 lb=$552.50.  You pay the butcher .53 x 170 lb=90.10 plus kill fee of $45.  Your total cost should be close to $4/lb and that includes all the cuts!

Here is a link to a website that explains what types of cuts you can get.  On the day of slaughter, you will call your butcher with instructions on how you want your meat cut and packaged.  They are usually very good at walking you through the choices.

To reserve your half a cow, pay us $100 deposit.  We accept cash or PayPal.  This deposit goes towards your total bill.  If you forfeit your half cow, it is up to you to find another customer to take your half OR you will lose your deposit.  Once the cow is butchered, it will age for 8 days, give or take, depending on your butcher.  If someone backs out, we would only have a few days to find a new buyer or a new freezer.  🙂  You must pay us your balance before you pick up your meat from the butcher.

During the summer our cows have been exclusively grass fed.  As we get closer to butchering, we may add a little grain back into their diet.  This increases the fat and flavor of the meat.   When I say we are adding a little grain, that is exactly what I mean.  We won’t gorge them on grain or switch to grain only like the feed lots tend to do.  If you have your heart set on grass fed only, let us know now and we will try to accommodate you if we find another person to split a grass fed only cow.  Just know the meat will be leaner (some would say less flavorful).

If half a cow seems like a crazy amount of meat, feel free to split your half cow with friends or family.  The butcher paper is supposed to keep the meat good frozen for up to 2 years.