Bird butchering party?!

It is about time to send some of our birds to the freezer.  We’ve got one turkey and a few roosters available.

We are charging for each bird and then you can either join us on butchering day to dress your own bird or you can pay us extra to do it for you.

The turkey is $35 and another $10 to dress him out.

The chickens are $10 a piece and another $5 to dress them out for you.

These birds are all free ranging so they eat lots of bugs, worms, and grass.  We even saw one eating a frog yesterday!  They have never received any antibiotics, steroids, or hormones.

Here is your chance to try your hand at farming at one of most difficult/enjoyable times it offers.  Here is your chance to see where your food comes from and how it becomes food.  If you are squemish about the actual killing of the bird, we can (hubby can) do that part for you.  Then you will be able to pluck feathers, remove organs, etc all on your own.  Doesn’t this sound like a fun Saturday morning?  Once we have all interested parties we will pick an exact date and time.