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Pastured, free range turkey

Turkeys are curious, social creatures.  We enjoy having them around the barnyard every spring and summer.  They gobble, strut, and puff their feathers into impressive display. This year’s batch of turkeys liked to follow the horses around the pasture, almost as if they believed they were part of the same herd.  It is always bittersweet to dispatch turkeys.  Sweet that…

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Bird butchering party?!

It is about time to send some of our birds to the freezer.  We’ve got one turkey and a few roosters available. We are charging for each bird and then you can either join us on butchering day to dress your own bird or you can pay us extra to do it for you. The turkey is $35 and…

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Farm food for sale! Lamb, beef, and pork!

You asked and we are delivering!  We’ve had requests for half a hog, rather than buying individual cuts.  We will have two hogs ready to process in December, if not sooner. Half hog price is $2.75/lb  to Black Cat Barnyard and you pay the butcher processing fees.  Our butcher charges .53 cents a pound for uncured meat and another…

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