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Pig Food-Visit to the Grain Mill

We took our first trip to a grain mill to buy grain for our pigs and horses. We had to drive over 30 minutes to get to the grain mill but it was worth the time and gas money. At Atwoods, we paid $11.29 for a 40 pound bag (28 cents per pound). Pigs can eat up to 5 pounds of…

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Pigs round one-major fail!

We housed our three little pigs inside hog panels wired with electric fence.  The first night we tucked them into their new home.  They were so cute sleeping together in a pile of hay, inside the barn. The very next morning my husband awoke me with bad news.  “Two of the pigs are dead”.  I quickly dressed and hurried…

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The top three questions regarding our first feeder pigs

We purchased our first set of feeder pigs.  We purchased three piglets, about 8-9 weeks old.  We prepared as much as one can for bringing home your first livestock.  We’ve read books, magazine articles, and blogs.   We’ve talked with pig farmers.   We have already received many questions about our pigs.  Today, I’ll cover the top three. Question 1:  Can…

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