Current animals on the farm

Poultry Princess riding bareback in her Pjs.

Poultry Princess riding bareback in her Pjs.

We are officially on summer break, which means we have more time to just lollygag around the barnyard.  Between all the animals and the mud puddles, the girls can play until the sun goes down.  Good times!

Our barnyard is ever evolving as far as animals go. Here is a brief breakdown of what we currently have:

  • 5 baby turkeys, about one week old.  They should be ready for Thanksgiving.
  • 15 juvenile chickens.  They are about ready to be moved in with the laying hens.  We’ve kept them separate since they arrived in the mail as chicks.
  • 15 laying hens.  These gals are giving us anywhere from 9-11 eggs per day.  They still free range thanks to our LGDs.
  • Two LGDs, Max and Lucy.  They are still earning their keep and have kept all predators away from the birds.  We’ve had some issues with Max and a mysterious limp that has cost us $500 worth of vetting with still no definite answers.  Some googling gives us hope he has a temporary condition he will outgrow eventually.
  • Six steers, who should be ready to feed families in late Fall.
  • Three Berkshire feeder pigs, who should become bacon in the fall.
  • Three breeding GOS pigs.  Maggie is due in the next five days with her first litter.  Gabby should be a few weeks behind her.  Abe, the boar, has really settled down.
  • Two horses, Trixie and Dude.  They are for pleasure, not for eating!  So far we’ve managed to keep Trixie healthy this spring by limiting her access to fresh, spring grass.  Phew!
Berk feeder pigs.

Berk feeder pigs.


Trixie loves attention.

Who needs a hose?  Go straight for the spigot.

Who needs a hose? Go straight for the spigot.