Daily Chores

We’ve got morning chores and evening chores.  Sometimes one of us does the chores, other times both of us get to chore together.  Since we have kiddos we often have to take turns between tending children and tending farm animals.  Sometimes I strap my toddler on with a Boba carrier to help with evening chores.  The funny thing about chores is that usually both of us want to do them.  It is a welcome break from our usual duties (like sitting at a computer all day).

Most mornings we bundle up and trek down to the barn around 5:45 AM.   First we feed grain to our horses.  Then we feed the pigs.  Next the pig water needs carried outside the barn to be dumped out.  We use a water spigot outside the barn to fill the water bucket before carrying it back in to the pigs.  Next, we pick up pig poop.  That is right, we pick it up.  If you can pick up dog poop, you can pick up pig poop.  The pigs conveniently poop in the same two spots every day.   We collect it in an old feed bag.  This keeps their area clean and stink free.

Next we let the horses out of their corrals so they can graze on pasture all day.  The most intensive part of chores is scooping horse poop.  We push a wheelbarrow into the horse corrals and scoop up the poop and any wet bedding from each stall.  We also try to pick up most poop from the corral.  The wheelbarrow is typically full once we’ve done this.  We add in the pig poop and push the wheelbarrow about 40 yards to our ever growing compost piles.

We have automatic waterers for the horses, which saves a lot of time.  Some unlucky folks have to break ice for their animals to have water.  We are very blessed.

We try to do the evening chores around dusk.  We walk into the pasture and the horses will walk into their corrals knowing it is time for grain.  We feed them first, then close their gates.  We put in a few flakes of hay for them to munch on through the night. Next we feed and water the pigs.  Pig water gets dirty quickly so we dump the water twice a day so the water is as fresh as possible with our current set up.

I have to give credit for hubby because he does the morning chores almost every day.  Some mornings I help him by caring for the pigs.  Some weekend mornings I do all the morning chores.  Evening chores are often a family affair where our 5 year old helps and I carry the 1 year old.  Our dog typically goes down with us so she can harass, I mean play, with the horses.

If you are in a hurry, then morning chores can take as little as twenty minutes.  Evening chores could be done in about 5 minutes.  We typically spend more time so we can interact and observe the animals.

Trixie is wonderful at tolerating annoying Rosie.

Trixie is wonderful at tolerating annoying Rosie.

Bella's response to Rosie trying to herd her.

Bella’s response to Rosie trying to herd her.