Eggs and Bacon-farm fresh!


We collected our million dollar egg on a Wednesday.  Friday, we got our second egg and picked up our meat from the butcher.  That left no choice for breakfast on Saturday morning.

I popped out of bed and ran down to the kitchen to fry up our first homegrown breakfast.  The eggs were small, but so full of flavor!  The yolks are a deep orange hue and taste richer than store bought eggs.  The bacon was “The best bacon I’ve ever had”.  Maybe it is because I appreciate all the work and time that went into producing the fatty, salty meat.  I was a little concerned our five year old wouldn’t want to eat the bacon since she knew exactly how it arrived on the plate.  She eyed it, thought about it for about two seconds, then couldn’t resist.  She loved it and has told several people how delicious the bacon is.  Phew!

All we need know is a dairy animal so I can have milk.  I wish!  At this point in our lives, we are not ready to commit to milking a cow or a goat so I’ll just keep dreaming.  Any dairy farmers out there want to trade eggs for milk?