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Farm food for sale


Check out all the great farm fresh products we have to offer!


 Free Range Eggs

1 Dozen Eggs $4

Pastured Chicken

Wings $5\lb 8  in pack
Leg quarters $5\lb 4 in pack
Breasts $12\lb 2 in pack


Free Range Turkey

Reserve your Thanks Giving Turkey for 2017 by contacting us.


Pastured Pork

Chops $7\lb 2 in pack
Bacon (no nitrites ) $10\lb 1.25lb avg
Sausage $6\lb 1lb
Hillbilly Bacon $9\lb 1.25lb avg
Roast $7\lb 2.5lb avg


Grass Fed Beef

Ground Beef $7\lb 1lb or 1.5lb
Roast $7\lb 2.5lb avg
Rib steak $8\lb 1lb avg
Sirloin steak $9\lb 1lb avg
Tbone steak $8\lb 1lb avg
Round steak $5\lb 1.5lb avg