Flashback Farming

Lewis feeding one of ouor pigs.

Lewis feeding one of ouor pigs.

Uncle Lewis shared a story we’d like to share with you.

When he was a kid, back in the 1940’s, his father butchered a hog every winter.  They didn’t have electricity back then.  Here is how our conversation went:

Lewis:  When we butchered the hog, we hung him in the bedroom.

Me:  (thinking you hang it for seven days, then you store it somewhere).  Then where did you store it if you didn’t have electricity?  In the cellar?

Lewis:  I just told you, we hung the hog in the room.

Me:  But then where did you put it?

Lewis:  I just told you, we hung it in the room.  Dad salted it along the bones to help preserve it.  It hung all winter until we ate it.

Me:  I bet you made sure to eat it before spring came!

Lewis:  Our neighbors hung their hog in a tree every year.  Every day you would notice there was a little less hog hanging on that tree.

We take for granted our daily conveniences, such as electricity, running water, and indoor plumbing.  Even my mom remembers having to use an outhouse as a kid.   I forget how spoiled we are.   We complain if our power goes out for a few hours or if the bathrooms are full.  Can you imagine living without these conveniences for years?  No lights, no electric heater, no TV, no radio, no media devices, no toilet, no running water in the house.  Let’s take a moment and let that soak in.

Don’t worry, our meat will be kept in a freezer kept below zero degrees farenheit.   If the power goes out we have a generator. The butcher paper it is wrapped in is supposed to keep for up to two years.   We are sure glad we don’t have to hang ours in a tree or a bedroom.  🙂