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Gloucestershire Old Spots


History of the breed

Gloucestershire Old Spots are a heritage breed of pig.  The breed began in England and arrived in the US in the early 1900’s.  By 1990, the breed was nearly extinct in the US as pork production changed from raising pigs outdoors to indoors.   In 1995, a farm in Maine imported 20 GOS piglets in the US in order to grow the breed numbers in our country.  They are still on the threatened status on The Livestock Conservancy Priority List.

Characteristics and Great Qualities

GOS pigs are very docile and friendly. They are known as pasture pigs, which means they live out doors on the land and forage for a good portion of their food. They are great mothers and provide a very good milk supply for their piglets. Their meat quality is far superior than a commercial pig because they have a extra layer of back fat that creates very flavorful meat with great marbling. The forages they eat on pasture like grasses, legumes, brassicas, and  nuts also contribute to and enhance their flavor.  We rotate the pigs through fresh pasture which provides them with new undisturbed plant growth. They in turn will disturb the soil and plants and then spread their manure thus fertilizing the ground with good nutrients.

Our Breeders

Maggie is registered with Gloucestershire Old Spot Pig Breeders United.  You can read more here.   Her sister Gabby is not registered but is of the very same blood line.  The girls are from the green group and are the basis of our breeding sows.  Abraham is our foundation boar from the red group. He has bred and provided us with a litter from both sows.

We sell feeder piglets for the most part and raise the rest for our own pork production. We sometimes sell registered breeding stock if we feel like they have good confirmation and will be good breeders to pass on good traits.


Abraham our foundation boar as a youngster


Maggie left and Gabby right our foundation sows











To learn more about why we raise GOS and prefer their pork read the following blog post.

If you are looking for registered stock or feeders please contact us to see what we have available.


3 month old pigs