One month chicks


We’ve had our chicks for one month.  Here is a quick update.

They grow quickly!  They have lots of feathers on their wings.  Their tail feathers are about an inch long.   They still have some fur on their heads and back.

They are starting to grow combs.

They are getting the hang of flying short distances.

They love roosting on the top of the box.

They like digging in the pine shavings.

They still get under the heater, but not as often.

They chirp when they are happy.  They chirp louder if they need more food or water.

If you call my husband at work, you “might” hear chickens in the background.

We may transition the coop out the garage as they gain more feathers.

We are still working on the barn coop.  We still need to put a roof on, build nesting boxes, and put perches for them to roost.

One month down, four more to eggs!