Second sheep escapade

Remember how we got our sheep into the (wrong) barn on their first night?  The second herding escapade was no better.  This time, we used three adults, a tractor, three vehicles, a dog, and a horse to get the sheep into a (wrong) pen.  The good news is that we got plenty of exercise in the process.  The even better news is that once the sheep were corralled in the horse pen we called Uncle Lewis who brought his trailer up.  We then were able to shoo the sheep into the trailer and drive about thirty feet to the (proper) barn.  It only took a total of two hours.  🙂

What we learned from this experience is

1) Rosie dog wants to help herd.  She really does.  She was able to help quite a bit in managing the flock, but she didn’t understand where we were trying to take the sheep.  We will have to practice more.

2) Trixie was helpful.  We probably need to saddle two horses up to make the job easier.



3)I’m thankful for Uncle Lewis, again.

4)I’m grateful for moms and brothers who come over to help herd sheep at a moment’s call.  Lambchops for both of you in the future!

5) I wish I would have taken pictures of the blockade we created with vehicles and plywood.  I did get a picture of their bums in the proper barn.