The Sneaky Rooster

All boy.

When we butchered our turkeys and roosters a couple of months ago there was one chicken we couldn’t agree on whether it was a boy or girl.  We butchered the roosters because they were beginning to fight and nobody needs five of them.  This particular bird in question didn’t look like a rooster.  It was the same age as our other five roosters and hadn’t grown a large comb and didn’t have the tall tail feathers like they did.  It looked more like a hen, but there was still something suspicious about it.  This chicken was a little larger than our other hens.  It isn’t like you can flip a chicken upside down and check anatomy to see which it is.  We decided not to butcher this he/she bird just in case it was a hen.

About five days after the 5 roosters were dispatched, this bird suddenly looked a little taller and a little fuller.  I told hubby my suspicions were increasing.  Two weeks later his tail feathers started to grow upward.  By three weeks, he was 100% rooster, confirmed by his conquests in the barnyard.  By the way, chicken intercourse is not consensual.  Just sayin’.

Some may say this rooster was dominated by the other roosters and therefore hadn’t developed into full rooster-hood.  I say this boy was smart!  He knew all along what would happen.  When we carried those other boys up the hill, this bird chuckled (probably like a hen).   When those other roosters didn’t return from the hill, this bird couldn’t wait to reveal his masculine tail feathers, strut his stuff, and reproduce.

We’ll keep him around for now.  Roosters serve to protect the flock.  As long as he isn’t aggressive towards us, he will have a place on our farm and not the table.  Isn’t he gorgeous handsome?