Third Thursday


A couple of weeks ago we set up shop at Joplin’s Third Thursday in order to sell some pork.  It was originally supposed to be our Farmer’s Market debut, but they postponed the opening of the market so we were the only farmers there.  For those of you not familiar with Third Thursday, the city of Joplin closes off 5 blocks of Main Street every month on the Third Thursday.  I think the original intent was for it to be an art walk, but there are many other things to see and do as well.  There are food vendors, games for kids, live entertainment, and a chance for the downtown businesses to showcase their wares as well.  It is fun to go to Third Thursday because you are likely to run into friends and family and you never know what else you may see!

We entertained our girls by letting them draw on the farm truck with dry erase markers.  It cleaned off with vinegar/water which gave them another activity to do.  We were there four hours-you have to be creative with kiddos!



Our second hog is getting processed now.  Let us know if you’d like to place an order.  The pork is amazing!