Turkey Time!


It’s that time of year to start raising our pastured turkeys for Thanksgiving 2017. This will be our third year raising pastured birds. Each year they have been juicy, tender, and delicious!

Turkeys raised on pasture have been proven to be healthier due to the higher amounts of Omega 3s ,vitamins, and minerals. In fact, pastured turkey has been ranked as “excellent” by The World’s Healthiest Foods.





Here is what you need to know about placing your turkey order:

  • Orders and non refundable deposits ($25) due by May 1st. Reply to this email and we will send an invoice you can pay online.
  • $3.00/lb once the bird has been dressed.
  • Bird weight will vary from 15 to 20 pounds. You may request a smaller or larger bird and we will try to accommodate as best as possible.
  • Birds will be ready for pick up in October. Exact date will be announced as we get closer to processing day.
  • Birds will be processed on the farm, per MO state regulations.
  • We will not inject the birds with anything ever.
  • Birds will be treated humanely at all times.
  • We will share a brine recipe we’ve had success with time and again to help ensure a juicy bird on Thanksgiving.

Still not sure if you want to invest in a pasture-raised turkey? Here is an article that may help you decide. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/11/03/sustainable-turkey_n_6060926.html


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