Vaccinating the pups

Did you know you can buy dog vaccines at Atwood’s?  Neither did I!


The guy that sold us our LGD pups kept good records of the vaccine and worming regimen he has been administering.  He told me where he got his supplies.  I was on the fence about doing it myself until I called a local vet who has a great reputation and was told he isn’t accepting new patients.  We were given the option to attend his vaccine clinic on a Saturday morning with the expectation of waiting up to two hours.  Two small kids plus two puppies plus frigid temps plus parents plus waiting two hours equals no fun 90% of the time.  Instead we went to Atwood’s.  Did you know the vaccine we needed was just $10 and took just a few minutes to purchase?

It took me about one minute to prepare the vaccines and about ten seconds to administer them.  Thanks to my day job I had no problem doing this on my own.  If you don’t have a medical background, there are very easy to follow instructions on the packet.

I followed the directions on the package of the vaccine.  Easy, peasy.

Easy, peasy.

Just to be clear, I don’t think vaccinating replaces a regular check up by a vet.  I do think it saved me a big hassle and probably a bigger bill in this instance.  We still need to get in for a check up and to have the pups micro chipped.

The pups hanging out in the pole barn.

The pups hanging out in the pole barn.

They seem to be adjusting to their new home.  They are awful cute and growing quickly.