Who had the last quack now?

Baby ducklings are so cute.   As they were growing we decided we’d let those cute birds waddle around as pets.  We wouldn’t eat those cute ducks.  They were just too cute.  Then, one day, we noticed they were beating up our laying hens.  We kept chasing the ducks away, but they kept beating up on the chickens.  A couple of our chickens have bald spots where the ducks have plucked their feathers.  So the cute ducks became menaces.  They also turned out to be boys (that don’t lay eggs).  Guess what happens to boy animals on our farm that don’t contribute in a positive way?  Yep.  We gonna eat them ducks!

Ducks are difficult to catch.  They are fast!  We knew this, so we planned ahead and only let the chickens out of the coop.  Hubby was able to grab them in the coop since they couldn’t run too far.  We carried them up the front yard and set them down.   Hubby used a .22 to dispatch them.  I have a thing about not wanting other animals to see their friends get killed.  Hubby used a hatchet to cut the heads off.  I may have slipped into the garage during the dispatching.  I always get anxious right before we butcher an animal.  I’m so glad my hubby takes care of that part.  I could do it (if that was the only food source and I was hungry) but hey, isn’t that a perk of having a hubby?


Just like plucking a chicken.

Just like plucking a chicken, except softer.

Finished product, ready for the freezer.

Finished product, ready for the freezer.

I forgot how soft downy feathers are.  We saved the down and I hope to turn those mean ducks into a soft, decorative pillow.  And the meat?  It looks so delicious!  I’ve never eaten duck, so I’ll update you on that another day.  It is fattier than a chicken, so I’m sure it will be tasty.  As far as dressing a duck compared to a chicken…the cavity is much smaller and my hand barely fit inside, so I had to remove all guts on both ducks.  That is a perk of having a wife.  This may sound morbid but I like identifying the organs to hubby as I pull them out.  This will be a cool science lesson for the girls when they are ready.