Why would anyone put pigs in the front yard?

Yep. If you drive by our house, you will see two pigs in our front yard.


We are going to roast a pig next week. Here are the facts:

  1. I have this thing about not wanting animals to see each other being dispatched.  We always dispatch the poultry in the front yard.  Is it just coincidence our neighbors stopped talking to us about the same we dispatched turkeys last year?
  2. The summer garden is finished producing and is located in the front yard.
  3. Pigs can help clean up the front garden remnants and provide fertilizer to improve the soil.
  4. Separating two pigs from the larger group will help them to gain more over the next week.
  5. Pigs get lonely, so we moved two pigs even though we will only dispatch one of them for the roast.
  6. At the time of dispatching, we will put one lucky pig back on the trailer and the other one will spend it’s last moments browsing on the garden.  Then we will dress it out in the same area.  Blood is supposed to be good for the soil.

One of our neighbors pulled up to her house right before we released the pigs into the yard.  I said…”Hi!  I just want you to know these pigs will only be here for a few days.”  She said it didn’t bother her.  Let’s just hope she doesn’t come outside on dispatch day!