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We are proud to partner with Wildtree because we believe it is beneficial to use natural, healthy ingredients and these products complement our farm products so well!  Wildtree has certified organic ingredients as well as some gluten free options. 

One of the great things about Wildtree is the Freezer Workshops they offer. For $78 plus shipping you receive recipes for 10 meals, a shopping list, and all the seasonings, oils/dressings needed for those meals.  You follow the grocery list to purchase your proteins and produce and bring them to the workshop.  At the workshop you gather with friends to complete your meals with your kit ingredients. There are several freezer workshop menu options!    They are healthy, delicious, and make dinner a breeze.  If you don’t have time to attend a workshop you can have a kit shipped directly to your home to complete on your own time.  Contact us to set up your own freezer workshop.  If you host and have 8 or more friends order a kit, your kit will be free!

If you want to take your Wildtree dinners to the next level, you can purchase some Black Cat Barnyard proteins to use in your meal.  Customers who combine a freezer workshop with our proteins will receive a 10% discount on their Black Cat Barnyard purchases.  Customers who order more than $50 in Wildtree products will also receive a 10% discount on Black Cat Barnyard purchases.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the opportunity to join our Wildtree team.  The initial investment is $50 plus shipping and it includes lots of product for you to share with others.  It is very easy to earn back your investment.  In fact, we tripled our investment with one small tasting party.