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Empire Farmers Market

April 6, 2018

This is our chance!  Our chance as a city, to embrace a way of life that supports local farmers, local economy, and your family health.  This is a way to show our community is ON BOARD with supporting a farmer's market.  Why is the market important?  It encourages growers to keep producing food that is healthy in a sustainable manner.  It encourages shoppers to know where their food comes from and WHO raised it.  It allows shoppers to know HOW their food was raised.  It allows shoppers to CONNECT with their farmers.

The market is a place to see old friends and to make new friends!  You come to fill your bags with fresh produce and locally grown meats, but you leave with a full heart.  You chatted with the farmer who grew lettuce and pick up an idea for a new salad recipe.   Your meat farmer gave you some dinner ideas and advice on how to cook a tender roast.  The best part?  You can experience the market EVERY week and see how the offerings change throughout the seasons.  You await the Saturdayfresh tomatoes are overflowing the market because you've anticipated eating a fresh bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich.  The day blueberries arrive you cherish that first berry bursting in your mouth because the juicy flavor is nothing like store berries.  You learn to appreciate the ever changing bounty of the garden.

The market allows farmers to see the IMPACT they have on their community.  Nothing brings a farmer more joy than knowing that their home grown foods are changing lives by improving nutrition and enriching families eating at the table.  When you shop locally, your farmer takes that money and re-invests it into their operation and into the local economy. 

The key to a successful market?  It's you!  Farmers can't exist without you supporting their endeavors.  You can say "Man, I hope that farmer's market succeeds.", but that does no good.  The truth of the matter is this:  if you truly want to see the market thrive and grow you've got to make it a part of your routine.  As more shoppers show up, more farmer's will see the demand and join the passionate pledge to serve our community with fresh, local food and products.

We are grateful to be your farmer and blessed to join the Empire Market.  We hope to see you there, again and again!

Shane and Rachael

Rachael Ferguson

A simple change to improving your health

Jan 23rd, 2018