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 Farm to Table

There is so much to be said about "farm to table".  It is more than just taking food from a farmer and putting it onto your table.  It is about bringing dinner back to the table.  It is about bringing the family back to the table.  It's about putting fresh, locally sourced food back into your diet. The table is where we connect with one another, replenish our souls, and nourish our bodies.   

We are honored to help bring your family back to the table.  Our farm produces meats, eggs, and milk raised on pasture.  Studies have proven pastured farm foods to be healthier for you in several ways, including more Omega 3s, vitamins, and minerals compared to conventionally raised food. Buying directly from your favorite farmer supports your body, the local economy, and the environment. 

We raise our animals with sunshine, grass, and loving care.


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